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Oct 2, 2012 4:55am EDT
travises back to you. >>> jim lair from pbs will be the moderator. catch the debate wednesday at 9:00. here on abc 2 news. >>> weather a big topic, people need to be prepared with umbrellas. the showers will be hanging around for a while. we are seeing them trying to slide in to baltimore. see what is going on with the heaviest rain towards the south and west. a batch of rain nows on the border of carroll county and baltimore county as of now. let's zoom in to the area. we will deal with light rain around reisterstown and garrison. this will work out of here, we have rain behind that. speaking of rain, there it is, if you are traveling in to virginia today, this morning, you could see heavy rain here, you are going to need the wipers on full blast through time. the the bus stop, that forecast is going to be a wet one this morning for the kids. make sure you dress them appropriatelies they have the rape gear, and maybe you could take them to school possibly, 61 degrees for a temperature. in to the afternoon, still off and on showers with the temperature around 77 degrees. let's get a c
Oct 9, 2012 4:55am EDT
run. and jim johnson was there mr. angelos got the game ball from the win in texas and the orioles were all too happy to talk about the win. >> we are one win closer to winning three. ee got -- we got through texas knowing we had to win 11 games. it's a tough task ahead of us. but you know, it's rice -- you like the math after tonight at least you are one step closer. >> one theme we want to win and i want to help the team to win and that's my hope and dream. >> reporter: it may be a nightmare going back to new york. we have been here before. that was 1996. it was game one of the alcs between orioles and yankees. at that time it was 4-3 orioles at the time but in the 8th it was jeter we have seen before. a fly ball to right. tony camps underneath to make the catch. and then there's the little mayer reaching over the wall and graping the ball. jeter was a-- grabbing the ball. year the was awarded the -- jeter was awarded the ball amount home run by william in the 11th but that has been on the memory of orioles fan but this time the memories of what happened in 199 # still all too fr
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2